Hidrante n-llobregat DN-100

Hydrant under ground level

Model n-llobregat DN-100 with or without casket


The hydrant is a device that provides a large amount of water in a short time.

It allows the connection of hoses and fire fighting equipment, as well as the filling of water tanks of firefighters.

Hydrant under ground level designed for when there are space problems, such as on the sidewalks of large cities. Staying underground, the risk of frost damage is minimal.

Fire hydrant to install under ground level. You can include the box and lid for installation (depending on model).

Horizontal or vertical connection DN-100

Output: aluminum or bronze Couplings of 100m / m Barcelona model

Optional aluminum Couplings of 70 m / m

Nominal pressure 16 Bar.

Sealing test 25 Bar.

Interior components highly resistant to corrosion and aging (brass and stainless steel).

Casket and lid of cast iron.


1 – Fire hydrants should be installed in such a way that access and use are easy.

2 – The distance between each fire hydrant and the facade of the protected area should be between 5 and 15 meters.

3 – To consider an area protected by fire hydrants, the distance from any point to the fire hydrant must be less than 100 meters in urban areas and 40 meters in the rest.

4 – The fire hydrants must be located in easily accessible places, outside spaces for the circulation and parking of vehicles and properly marked.

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